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Henry Littlechild studied film and photography before joining internationally-acclaimed London advertising agency Leagas Delaney as a creative. After directing several in-house projects for the agency, his career as a director took off. He has continued to cultivate his innate and uncommon talent for combining visual comedy, animation, and, with regularity, animals in peculiar situations.

Henry’s most recent spot for Smyths Toys Superworld, “If I Were a Toy,” is a feat of gender-neutral toy advertising as it effortlessly showcases a young boy playing with robots and rocketships as well as trying on a pink dress as a powerful queen.

Henry was initially spotted by viral marketing leaders The Viral Factory in London, a group with whom Henry has since co-directed multiple projects. His virals for Ford Ka picked up several awards, including a Silver BTAA and Young Guns Bronze, and have been seen by over 30 million people. They are still listed on the web’s most popular viral sites like Kontraband and

Henry has worked with agencies such as Fallon, Leo Burnett, Grey Europe, Ogilvy, and TBWA, and he has consistently created award-winning work, including a Ford Fiesta SP campaign winning three Silver Lions at Cannes and The One Show Gold. Henry is a 6′ 2″ Londoner.