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Firehouse Subs “Ready to Roll”

Expedia “Vacation Days”

Hilton Honors “Becca”

Snus "Golf"

Ameristar "Quadricorn Wash"

Furminator "Shedlings"


Ever the eager problem-solver, director Matt Pittroff’s innate positivity and flexibility turn challenges into exhilarating comedic adventures, ones to be retold over a cold beer, rye whisky, or grapefruit crush. Need to depict spaceship rental services, four-horned unicorns, or a multi-story fire station pole? No problem! Matt deftly balances the slightly absurd with reality to create an undeniably accessible brand of humor. 

Once described as having “just the right amount of OCD,” the smallest details tangibly elevate Matt’s work to another level. His high-caliber creative talent, prowess for comedic timing, and emphasis on crafting a clear and unified vision have led to successful campaigns for clients including Hilton Honors, Bank Of America, Firehouse Subs, McDonald’s, National Car Rental, and Ameristar Casinos. He even went so far as to learn Klingon to develop canon-accurate humor in his recent Enterprise Star Trek tie-in project, satisfying casual viewers and die-hard Trekkies alike.

Matt continues to innovate and experiment through purposeful art direction and in-camera visual effects. The results can be seen in vivid spots like “Ready to Roll” for Firehouse Subs and “Becca” for Hilton Honors. This talent is not entirely unexpected; he developed his artistic eye among elites, through both his collegiate fine arts studies and formative tenure as a midway carny.

Matt has directed and produced work showcased in Creativity Online, AdWeek, SHOOT, and at Cannes, though his most noteworthy award to date is his coveted “World’s Greatest Director” mug, bestowed upon him by one of favorite clients. Legend has it he has dropped this mug several times, and yet it will not break!