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Chic-Fil-A "Groove"

Rolo "Office Hottie"

SeaPak "Seven Minutes"

Chevy "Pep Talk"

Colombus "Babysitter"

Polo "Beards"


Sean Cunningham is a rising star among the industry’s new wave of comedy directors. His work stands out for its tight storytelling, relatable casting, and impeccable comedic performance. His latest commercial, Columbus Craft Meats “Babysitter,” depicts an easy-going couple giving their punk babysitter the rundown as they slowly realize it’s the babysitter who needs the babysitting. 

Sean’s recent spot for Rolo, “Office Hottie,” has over 2 million views on YouTube and earned a Cannes YDA nomination last year. The spot observes the hilarious daydreams of two young women completely smitten over an office hottie, until one woman finally has her ‘chance.’

Sean also has a knack for memorable lifestyle-driven commercials and short films that strike a resounding chord of empathy in viewers.


His spots for Chevrolet, American Express, AT&T, and Eastern Bank are perfect examples of this style: They are beautifully composed and performance-driven, hitting all the right beats. His short film, “This is When We Met,” is a charming and poetic look at the seasons of a relationship, and was curated at film festivals in the U.S. and Europe, and featured by tastemakers like Short of the Week.

After studying film at Binghamton University, Sean moved to New York City and put his passion to work by writing, directing, shooting, and editing a variety of projects, including corporate, fashion, and tourism films. Sean spent four years as a freelance director before moving to Los Angeles, where his closet is now bigger than his entire NYC apartment.