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Seth Townsend is a director who has carved a niche for himself by delivering irreverent stories driven by no-nonsense, comedic performances. His distinctive talent is evident in a PSA spoof for Dockers featuring the wife of famed football coach Jim Harbaugh lamenting how her once hunky husband now wears pants that hang like curtains, and a commercial for Rapala fishing lures observing a weekend angler who can’t stifle a laugh over a photo he’s texted during a funeral.

Seth refined his craft working for a decade with famed Swedish directing collective Traktor, who defined the Zeitgeist humor of the new Millennium. There he learned filmmaking, collaboration, and a thing or two about comedic timing. At Traktor, Seth worked in both the U.S. and internationally on hundreds of commercial productions, eventually working his way up to direct campaigns for clients such Axe, Miller Lite, and Nike.


Seth has helmed spots for Google+ (Goodby Silverstein & Partners), the launch of Glee on SkyTV, and a global campaign for Pringles (Grey London). He’s also directed spots for Dockers, Lynx, Kit-Kat, Toyota, Snickers, Rapala, and Plusnet, among others.

The child of missionary parents, Seth spent his early years in Southern Mexico and the Peruvian Amazon, and later grew up in Oildale, California without a television. After high school, he spent two years as a journeyman ironworker before moving to Los Angeles and earning a B.A. from USC’s Annenberg School. After college, Seth interned at Universal Pictures, and went on to work in feature film development at both Disney and Warner Bros.

Seth lives in Los Angeles with his family, and a large dog named Hank.