Directors > Vittorio Sacco

Fage "Artichoke"

Dos Equis "Can"

Intimissimi "Passione"

Perugina "Lips"

Oroweat "Bread Perfected"

Tia Maria "Espresso"

Baskin-Robbins "Jamoca Heath"

Fage "Raspberry"


Vittorio Sacco is revered as an accomplished tabletop director with the unique ability of breathing life into a product, as seen in his celebrated work for brands including Fage, Baskin Robbins, Dos Equis, Pizza Hut, and Intimissimi.

Vittorio continues to invent new ways to produce mouth-watering imagery. His earnest curiosity helps him grasp the essence of a product, and more importantly, convey this idea in a powerful way. Vittorio is one of those artists who can make food into poetry.

As the newest addition to the Station team, Vittorio brings a keen eye for simple beauty, a love for food, and a unique sense of style and design: His spots explode with flavor and invoke a desire to reach into the screen and indulge.

Milan-born Vittorio currently resides in Miami with his wife and two children.