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“360-degree marketing” has been an industry buzzword for years, but what about 360-degree advertising?

Facebook is starting to test 360-degree video ads with a handful of brands including AT&T, Samsung, and Nestle, all of which can be seen below. Facebook officially introduced the virtual reality-lite video format on its desktop site and Android apps in September 2015, and the social network is now bringing 360-degree videos — and ads — to Apple’s iPhones and iPads.

In addition to the brands advertising 360-degree videos on Facebook, publishers including ABC News, BuzzFeed, and Nickelodeon have begun posting all-angle videos to the social network, which can also be watched using Samsung’s Gear VR virtual-reality headset.

To attract more 360-degree videos to its service, Facebook has added a way for anyone operating a Facebook page to post 360-degree videos, including a way to edit the initial camera angle and vertical field of view before uploading the video. The company has also created a dedicated site for creators, publishers and brands to learn more about producing 360-degree videos.

Facebook declined to make an exec available for an interview to discuss the news. In an emailed statement, Facebook’s VP-Global Marketing Solutions Carolyn Everson said that the company is “excited to work with these fantastic partners to push the boundaries of what’s possible for marketing on Facebook.”

As part of its “#StrongCan” campaign, AT&T and BBDO shot a 360-degree video of race car driver Ben Albano streaming his practice laps to his coach in another state using AT&T’s wireless network.

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