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Nickelodeon Creative Advertising’s Truth Initiative received honorable mention at the Social Good Awards for anti-smoking campaign, “Obsolete,” directed by Andrew Wonder.

Watch the film HERE.

There was no shortage of goodwill in the room at Cynopsis’ second annual Social Good Awards Breakfast in New York City on April 7. Campaigns ranging from exposing trafficking in endangered species, to empowering veterans, to preventing bullying were spotlighted to an appreciative (and packed) house.

Giving back is in the DNA of many of the companies in attendance. “Social good is good in terms of a corporate reputation, but also you live and you work in these communities and you want to make sure you’re supporting the causes your customers care about,” Irma Arizmendi, Jet Blue’s manager of corporate responsibility, told Cynopsis. “It’s not only important for the community, it’s important for us as a group of companies to get together and stand behind anything that would make a difference in America, in the world.”

FedEx is another company with a long history of giving back. “FedEx cares and has always cared,” said Steve Pacheco, director of advertising & sponsorship marketing. “Our employees are very actively engaged in the communities where they work, and they get a great deal of fulfillment from contributing. Anywhere you see the FedEx brand, chances are you’ll see activation of our community and social responsibility message.”

It’s not just about doling out dollars, emphasizes Meredith Hahn, VP, corporate social responsibility at American Express, which has a philanthropic arm that was incorporated back in 1954. “We realize just making grants is not going to capitalize on the power of our employees to bring their voice and their energy to causes, as well as our customers, many whom are very interested in causes. Campaigns hit a chord with our communities, employees, customers, and business partners. We really wrap our arms around how we can find easy ways for them to get involved.”

There’s no denying the feel-good factor. “We’re an ad agency, and there’s not a lot of ad agencies in these kinds of awards,” Kevin Meagher, copywriter Deutsch, told Cynopsis. “But we’ve done work for WATERisLIFE for quite a while and we think it’s an interesting realm, going from brands wanting to push their name out, to doing something for the greater good. Overall as an agency, it makes us feel good knowing we’re doing something better for the earth.”

“Disney is driven by storytelling and technology – and we know that kids introduced to computer science today will become the innovators and storytellers of tomorrow,” said James Pitaro, chairman of Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media. “We are honored to have partnered with to introduce millions of students to coding, which is becoming one of the most important languages of their generation.”

But sometimes, doing something for the greater good actually helps the bottom line. Reelio works with influencers in the social media space, “and one of the things that’s really interesting is that from a pure numbers perspective, we found that if an influencer is talking about something commercial, a branded opportunity versus talking about a cause related opportunity, a cause will get about three and a half times the amount of engagement as just the commercial message,” said Reelio CEO Pete Borum. “When a brand mixes their call to action with something that is cause related, they may get a two and a half times lift. It really does have a lot of impact on business metrics to integrate a message with a cause-related call to action.”

At the end of the day, “We’re all striving to do good work, and anytime we can do good in television, it’s a great thing,” said Erich Archer, executive director, Cape Ann Television. “It’s a very powerful medium.”

Proud to salute those in the industry doing such a stellar job raising awareness and inspiring action, Cynopsis got into the act with a contribution to Red Nose Day.

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