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Director Andrew Wonder talks philanthropy, technology, and inspiration with Saint James Studios.

For our first interview this year, we’re thrilled to feature director, producer, and cinematographer Andrew Wonder from Station Film. Wonder, who started out at 17 as a field producer for MTV, has built a successful career by embracing technology and leveraging the power of story. Whether crafting commercials for national brands or directing films that bring about change, he’s always looking for new, innovative ways to give his audiences an out-of-the-ordinary visual experience. Here’s what he had to say…

How did you start out in the business?

I always wanted to be a gender studies/cultural anthropologist, but when I was 17, MTV gave me a camera and put me on the road to produce an episode of their series “Made.” I had no money, no crew and had to shoot/produce/sound-mix/edit. Getting that camera was like finding my paintbrush. I learned that you don’t need money or toys as long as you have a strong story and an emotional way of telling it.

What prompted your work for the “One More Day” Campaign?

“The cell phones in the pockets of the dead students were still ringing when we were told that it was wrong to ask why.“ -Adam Gopnik, The New Yorker, April 30, 2007

Every time another bullet fires in a school we feel that much more helpless to stop the next. Like many of us in the US I felt powerless to stop the barrage of shootings but wanted to make a difference.

This project will always be special to me because of all the people who helped make it come to life. After producer, Scott Chinn, suggested the sleeping kid in a sweatshirt what had been a series of disjointed images in my head was finally coming together. Everyone was excited about the project but no one understood what I was talking about until I called Joe.

A lot of elements go into creating a movie but to make it work you need an emotional core that ties everything together. So much of that core came from Joe’s experimenting with the boards to bring this story to life. I remember the first draft of the boards coming in and that was the moment I finally knew the film and project could work.

What are you working on now? Tell us about your most recent project.

Things are always different for me. Between spots, I’ve spent the last year consulting on VR projects and then got busy with narratives again. Right now I’m in a hotel room in the final days of prep on a feature documentary about how app development and APIs are creating a new American dream for anyone with a good idea who is willing to work for it. We have teams all over the world about to come to San Francisco to see if their hard work and determination is enough to finally make their dreams real.

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