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“The cell phones in the pockets of the dead students were still ringing when we were told that it was wrong to ask why.“ – Adam Gopnik, The New Yorker, April 30, 2007. 

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Every time another bullet fires in a school, we feel that much more helpless to stop the next. Change can only come from taking small steps together. Working with director Andrew Wonder, Station Film’s original campaign, One More Day, asks its audience to look at the problem of school gun violence differently. Regardless of political stance, can anyone say that your right to a firearm is more important than a child’s life?

Andrew’s film plays out in a single continuous take moving us through a classroom as a chorus of unanswered cell phones swells under the stillness of this disrupted and abandoned space. The goal was to create a film that was natural and organic, untouched like the classroom it takes place in.

With the help of Kodak, it was captured on 35mm film and the entire sound scape, from the empty hallways to vibration of the phones to the police sirens, was captured live on set.

If an individual with a gun can have such a big impact on a school, why can’t a student who wants to make a positive difference? Rather than focusing efforts on gun control specifically, One More Day’s focus is on the small daily steps students can take to make schools a safer and more supportive environment. During school visits and group discussions, Andrew and Station ask students and teachers to create pledges about how they will help their school go #OneMoreDay without gun violence. From these discussion and pledges, case study videos are created to share with other schools and parents to continue the discussion.


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Director: Andrew Wonder | Original Campaign Produced by Station Film

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