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Teacher-Turned-Filmmaker Andrew Wonder Created “OneMoreDay” Campaign


A chilling film in which a mobile rings out in a classroom where a pupil lies slumped on a desk is the starting point for a social campaign against gun violence started by filmmaker Andrew Wonder. As the camera slowly moves around the empty classroom and out of the door, we hear the rush of footsteps and more phones start to chime. The viewer’s sense of unease grows more and more until finally it’s revealed that we’re viewing the aftermath of a school shooting.

#OneMoreDay, a positive social campaign to stop gun violence in schools invites students to deal with gun violence in their schools by pledges for positive social change and sharing them on social media. Teens can upload their pledge at the campaign website, and then tweet and share it.
The film, produced by Station Film, was filmed by Wonder — who is a former school teacher — in a single steadicam shot. His previous work includes technical supervision of Station’s virtual reality film “Red Velvet,” as well as VR work for the likes of AT&T.

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