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Scott Corbett and Fallon New York collaborate on a new campaign for successful Shark Tank company Würkin Stiffs.

Watch the spots and read more HERE.

Fallon New York launched its debut campaign for Würkin Stiffs, a collar stay company which appeared on Shark Tank. “That 70s Collar” implores viewers to “Get The Funk Out of Your Collar” with its Power Stay product.

The spot is built around the idea that collars gone astray make you look like you’re straight out of Saturday Night Fever. And nobody wants that, right?

The dry humor and 70s mocking make for an appropriate approach to promote what can’t be an easy product to advertise and a smooth transition into the “Get The Funk Out of Your Collar.”

Another spot, “Take The Creepy Out of Your Collar” compares loose collars to another unwanted look. It offers up Power Stays as a way to lose the “Dracula vibes,” which may attract unwanted attention from vampires.

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