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Anyone who has ever played knows that high school sports are more than just a game. It is where many students get their first taste of adulthood, learning lessons in discipline, accountability and responsibility for your on-field “family.” Unfortunately, due to nationwide budget cuts, more than half of public schools in America are now forced to charge fees to play sports.

Former teacher, and Station director, Andrew Wonder created Right to Win with childhood friend, Dan Wright, to help offset the devastating impact these “Pay-to-Play” fees on our children and communities. The average fee is only $126 yet over 700,000 students in the United States are not participating because they cannot afford it.

After being introduced to Jalin, their first sponsored athlete, Andrew created a promotional documentary to give a close up, eye to eye, view into Jalin’s world. Through Right to Win’s website, students can submit their application and choose a personal or academic goal. As long as the student continues to reach his or her goal, Right to Win will sponsor them until high school graduation. Of the 14 students they are sponsoring this season, five are returning athletes who met their goal last year.

Combined with an active social media presence, Right to Win continues to communicate its message through new and curated content. The foundation’s website allows visitors to scroll through videos, facts, and thank you notes from sponsored students, and also links to a donation page for those interested in contributing to the cause.

Additional facts/stats:
2015-2016 Students Sponsored: 14
Number of Kids 2016-2017 first season: 14
Total Lifetime Kids Sponsored: 19
Sports 2016-2017:
Football: 4
Swimming: 1
Cheerleading: 5
Soccer: 1
Track: 1
States: Ohio, Florida
Total Money Sponsored 2016-2017: 4,250

Platform: Video + Social (Facebook & Twitter) + Webpage