Case Studies > The Chemical Brothers “Wide Open” Directed By DOM&NIC


“Wide Open” demonstrates the power of a perennially innovative directing duo uniting with a talented and cutting-edge post production house, and the results are nothing short of groundbreaking. This critically acclaimed music video for The Chemical Brothers (feat Beck) has mesmerized critics and viewers alike by transforming a dancer into a 3D mesh figure with a visible beating heart.

This video was meticulously crafted into the ambitious vision of director team dom&nic, Outsider, and The Mill. Inspired by procedural cellular structures and the feeling of loss invoked by Beck’s compelling vocals, they aimed to merge the mechanical and organic over the course of one seamless take.

“The layers and layers of complexity unpeeled like an onion skin as we slowly advanced through the process,” the directors say.

This process included motion capturing, 3D animation and tracking, CG rendering, and the creation of clean plates of seven thousand frames. The completed project first organically creates a sense of loss through the purposeful choreography of Wayne McGregor and professional dancer Sonoya Mizuno, then augments the effect synthetically as the complex simplicity of the CGI skeletal structure takes over.

The overwhelmingly positive reaction to the piece is justification enough that their efforts paid off: The video now has 17 million views on YouTube and has already garnered awards from Cannes Lions and D&AD Pencils.

Platform: Music Video