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Chris Balmond began his career at the BBC, writing and directing promos for some of his British comedy heroes, including Armando Iannucci, Charlie Brooker and Graeme Norton.  Here he honed his skill of casting and performance, helping to deliver engaging and authentic turns from actors and non-actors alike.

Chris developed his love for film and comedy in the suburbs of Bristol, England, where, at the age of 13, he first picked up a camera, writing and directing an under-appreciated horror short called The Blender (only one VHS remains), a terrifying story of a boy who turns into a bar of chocolate. He went on to direct many comedic commercial campaigns for brands including Downy, Dixie, IKEA, McDonald’s, PG Tips and Lipton, to note only a few. His work has been honored by the D&ADs, British Arrows and PromaxBDA.

In his personal time, Chris likes to decompress with various ‘80s pastimes, including vigorous and aggressive bouts of squash, eating a high carb diet and learning the guitar solos of Eddie Van Halen.

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