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Jeremy Charbit has travelled the globe directing and experimenting in beautiful film, leading him to develop his own unique sense of storytelling. His body of work covers all aspects of beauty film and fashion advertising — vivid worlds with bold art direction, polished cinematic imagery, macro and staged product shots, lifestyle-esque portrait pieces — and includes award-winning projects for prestigious brands like Sephora, Essie, Citroën, Intimacy, and L’Oréal.

Jeremy’s career-long focus on visual innovation and CGI often leads to a balance between both daring and elegant, and always features beautifully composed shots.

His expertise for inventive cinematography is prominent in the entrancing images like those seen in his critically-acclaimed work for Kusmi Tea, while his recent spot for Citroën showcases his ability to make highly-stylized art direction seem relatable.

Jeremy, a Marseille native, moved to Paris early on to join ESEC Film School. There, he began his constant search for harmony and perfection in images. Most recently, Jeremy directed an acclaimed spot for Joon, the new millennial-focused airline from Air France. He helped the brand establish their visual identity through the vibrant, high-energy piece, which has been highlighted in publications including Forbes and Adweek.