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Canon "Mind vs Heart"

Corona "Window Concert"

Hyundai & NFL "Vikings: What's in the Trunk?"

O2 "Explore"

Febreze "Home from Home"

Ford "Sumo"

Dannon "Konfusion Kitchen"


The films directed by Mathias Hovgaard hook viewers every time with the element of surprise, often due to his organic approach to storytelling. His work displays a strong sense of simplicity and innovation, blending visual techniques with comedy and dialogue to compelling ends. He burst onto the international directing scene with his Cannes YDA-nominated Lada “Jump” commercial.

Recently, Mathias directed a series of spots for Hyundai and the NFL featuring Spice Adams, an upcoming campaign for Volkswagen, a spot for Burger King out of Pitch/LA, an elaborately staged “Window Concert” spot for Corona out of Anomaly featuring rapper, and Febreze’s global ”Breathe Happy” campaign.

Mathias has also directed notable commercials and content for T-Mobile, O2, and Doritos, among others. His spot for Ford, “Sumo,” puts a new twist on the funny juxtaposition of a compact car and a giant person through understated performances, while driving home the value of Ford door guards.

Mathias began his career as a filmmaker directing shorts that made the rounds of prestigious European festivals. He attended the European Film College and earned a Master’s of Film from the University of Copenhagen. As a child, Mathias dreamed about becoming an astronaut, exploring new worlds and flying spaceships. His plans have since changed, but his work remains stellar.