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Ramaa Mosley is a filmmaker and activist who directed her first documentary at 16 years old and won the UNEP Global 500 award. Since then, Ramaa, named one of Shoot ’s Top 10 Female Directors, has directed features and shorts, and shot hundreds of award-winning commercials for clients including American Girl, Skype, ESPN, and Always.

In 2012, Ramaa won “Best Director” at the LA FirstGlance Film Festival for her short film Grace, and in 2013 she won the “Audience Choice Award” at Dance Camera West for her film In Dreams I Run Wild. Her debut feature film, The Brass Teapot starring Juno Temple, premiered at TIFF and was distributed by Magnolia Pictures, garnering nominations from the International Critics’ Awards (FIPRESCI) and Saturn Awards.

In fall of 2013, Ramaa directed the Afghan Segment of Girl Rising , which was nominated for “Outstanding Documentary” at the Image Awards.

She has since become a vocal advocate for girl and women’s rights around the world, including launching the U.S. social media campaign behind #BringBackOurGirls. In 2015, Mosley once again won an “Audience Choice Award” for her dance short film Attention

Most recently, Ramaa directed, co-wrote, and produced the dramatic thriller Lost Child, starring Levin Rambin and Taylor John Smith . The film debuted this October to critical praise for its naturalistic style and skillful balance between psychological drama and the supernatural. She will be directing an episode of NBC’s Blindspot later this year.

Using her background as a former teen director, Ramaa founded creative digital youth studio Adolescent Content and gave Ted Talks named “ The Power of Adolescent Directors ” and “The Power of a Hashtag.”