Case Studies > Kusmi Tea “The Beauty of Blends” Directed By JEREMY CHARBIT


In a mesmerizing piece from director Jeremy Charbit and agency Quai des Orfèvres, Kusmi Tea submerges dancers in a swirling display for its first advertising campaign, “The Beauty of Blends.” The series of spots focuses on the blend of Kusmi’s powerful ingredients while remaining deeply rooted in the main element of tea: water.

Motivated to go against the grain like Kusmi’s own products, the central creative goal for the project was to develop something completely nontraditional from other work in the field. The team elected to film the series entirely underwater while remaining as authentic as possible by using no computer generated effects to craft the surreal images. Every detail was meticulously planned, down to the sweeping song composed specifically for the campaign — “Rock the Water” by French trio Jacksound.

The set, a reconstruction of a mid-1800’s Parisian Haussmann-style apartment, was purposely constructed to be fully capable of submerging, complete with a chandelier that could light up underwater. Between takes, the actors used scuba breathing apparatuses to remain underwater for prolonged periods of time.

Kusmi Tea is founded on the sharing of cultures and people, and each of the three “The Beauty of Blends” films showcases the entrancing mix of two different elements. The stars of each story were inspired by fairytale characters from China, Brazil, Europe, and India. Their flowing costumes and bold colors fold into one another as a visual representation of Kusmi Tea’s complementary flavor combinations. In “Prince Vladimir,” notably the preferred tea of the Russian Czar, physical manifestations of Earl Gray and bergamot twist together in a hypnotic dance.

  • Sapphire: Cristal Festival (“Best Direction”)
    Cristal: Cristal Festival (“Best Luxury Film” / “Best Photography”)
    Silver: Effie Awards / France
    Grand Prix Strategies: Amaury Médias du Luxe
    Gold: Topcom Grands Prix (“Special Prize”)
    Bronze: Epica Awards