Holden proves there’s nothing to prove in Chris Balmond‘s Holden Equinox campaign via The Monkeys.

Positioning the new Holden Equinox as the car for women who are unapologetic about how they choose to live their lives, Holden’s latest campaign “Nothing To Prove? Prove It” via The Monkeys, celebrates real women who have inner confidence and aren’t afraid to show it.

They don’t need an expensive base model car with a flashy badge and no substance, instead they’ve got the high-tech, good-looking and fun to drive, Holden Equinox SUV.

The new campaign lives up to the Holden brand promise “Let’s Go There” by showcasing self-assured Australians who refuse to accept society’s unrealistic expectations of them, and who make a choice to live – and parent – in whatever way works best for them.

Directed by Chris Balmond at The OTTO Empire, the campaign launches this week across broadcast, print, digital, OOH and on Holden-owned social channels.

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Holden "Concert"
Holden "Nothing to Prove"