Director Jeremy Charbit sits down for a Q&A on pop culture, inspiration and keeping content fresh.

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Jeremy Charbit, a visual storyteller renowned for stylish and fun films in the beauty and fashion realms, sat down for a conversation about pop culture, creativity in the digital landscape, today’s client norms and keeping things fresh for content crazed audiences:

Q> Some of the trends the past year has brought in fashion and beauty are gender neutral styles and beauty transparency/authenticity (for example, less photoshop, more natural makeup). Have client briefs reflected these things? Have they impacted your casting and shoots?

JC> You’re absolutely right! It’s probably because of the style of my work, but I would say that things are getting more extreme in general: Most of the time I go for something either absolutely natural, or massively creative in terms of makeup and hair. It’s all about transparency, people want to know if you’re cheating or not. I did a campaign five years ago for Make Up For Ever called “unretouched;” from the video shoot to the photos, it was mentioned, much before the law came in some countries, that this beauty result has been achieved without any CGI. Quite interesting, because as a beauty director you could panic at first, but you have to keep in mind what the basics of your job are: good casting, nice lighting, beautiful situations, for instance.

Q> How do you adapt content for the mobile platform? As a director who loves the process of filmmaking – very much reflected in your visual aesthetic – how do social and mobile impact your approach?

JC> I have to admit, like many others, I didn’t react very well the first time we talked about shooting vertical or square … But in fact it was extremely interesting! And if the project has been deeply thought out in a digital perspective, it becomes a super nice playground. As an artist, I guess format shouldn’t be a constraint to express my ideas. Basically theses formats are quite interesting, you have to make sure people focus their attention on what’s important. This is probably why minimalistic and colored pictures are so popular lately! You have to go back to basics: make some powerful, catchy visuals.

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