A growing talent in commercials, he is also an accomplished photographer with an award-winning portfolio of print campaigns, editorial and fine art photography. The “secret sauce” for a good comedy commercial, Zack says, “Surprise. Surprise between expectation and reality.”


A comedic storyteller with a keen eye for detail, Zack’s recent work includes a co-branded digital and social campaign for Condé Nast and State Farm starring Jake … from State Farm … via The Marketing Arm, and a Clio-winning campaign for Neuriva for McCann Health. His distinctive style embodies the sharp timing and performance that propels smart comedy, along with a refined visual aesthetic shaped by critical and commercial success as a photographer and widely exhibited artist.

“We were impressed from the start by what Zack has accomplished in commercials as a freelancer, and his amazing body of work as a photographer,” said Stephen Orent, Managing Partner, Station Film. “What was also obvious is that he has the drive and the work ethic to really take that talent to the next level as a storyteller in commercials. We’re elated to collaborate with him and bring him exciting new opportunities as a comedy director.”

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