Case Studies > Ovarian Cancer Canada “Ladyballs” Directed By MARK GILBERT


Cause marketing these days is flooded with emotional and sympathetic storytelling – tear-jerking vignettes set over orchestral scores with pithy statistics slowly fading in and out. Director Mark Gilbert and Grey Canada decided to take a different approach to raise awareness for Ovarian Cancer Canada. “Ladyballs” is a cheeky and blunt campaign reminding viewers that women have balls too (gonads, scientifically speaking), and along with them come the risk of ‘silent killer’ ovarian cancer.

Mark Gilbert expertly invokes playful humor in the spot by focusing on everyday women tackling everyday situations with the help of their “Ladyballs.”

Whether it means women scheduling a regular check up with a doctor or reposting the campaign to followers, the creative has a unique stickiness that has increased reach exponentially. The campaign also encourages men and women alike to post pictures of their “power pose,” a hand signal made by placing hands over the lower stomach to denote the female ovaries.