In this mesmerizing Chemical Brothers music video by dom&nic, a dancer transforms into a figure made of what appears to be 3D-printed mesh as her flesh and bone gradually disappears.

The video for “Wide Open” featuring Beck, which has already had over five million YouTube hits since it posted last week, was created by Outsider director duo dom&nic. It’s the eighth video the directors (whose commercial work includes spots for First Direct, Audi, and Blue Cross) have worked on for The Chemical Brothers, and stars actor Sonoya Mizuno, who also appeared in AI movie Ex Machina.

The CGI mesh effect created by The Mill. VFX artists tracked the dancer’s movements in order to replace her limbs and eventually her whole torso with the lattice of 3D mesh. The team used photogrammetry scanning to create a fully CG model of the dancer’s body including photo-real textures.

Head of 3D David Fleet commented in a statement: “The sheer complexity of this project is what made it unique. The amount of camera and body tracking alone was a huge challenge, as well as consistently seamlessly lighting one shot as long as this.”

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