Ssong Yang from duo henry/ssong directs the launch video for #ChooseWomen campaign, a collaboration between agency BBH and the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization (WEDO).

Filmmaker Ssong Yang (also half of the award-winning directing duo Henry / Ssong) brings her personal touch as a compassionate global storyteller to “We All Choose,” the launch video for 2019’s #ChooseWomen campaign. It’s from Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization and BBH New York. Yang has directed branded films/series like Google “Saroo Brierley: Homeward Bound” and Ziploc’s “Real Superheroes” teachers’ campaign. Her work is characterized by compelling narratives, empathy and emotive stories of everyday heroes, and has brought her to the far corners of the world. She explains what it meant to be involved with the #ChooseWomen movement.

Q>  Can you share some insights from The United Nations Summit for Women’s Entrepreneurship Day you attended in November?

Ssong>  It was my first time in the United Nations so I could barely contain my excitement. It was a beautiful and sunny day and we were in the Delegates Dining Room with a panoramic view of the East River. The moment I arrived I quickly met several women entrepreneurs who were also attending the event, and it helped me break out of my comfort zone. Everyone who was there was immensely supportive and open, there were women from all over the globe and from all backgrounds and stages of life. There were delegates from different countries, the Assistant Secretary General of the UN gave the opening speech and I was starstruck by Missy Elliott who graced us with her attendance. Many successful women entrepreneurs shared their stories of failure and how they got right back up; the phenomenal Pretty Big Movement dance team riled me up with their confidence and emotional artform.

The talks and panels were enlightening and exceptionally engaging. These are some of the main points that really resonated with me:

• “Throw perfection out the window. There is no such thing as perfect, so you just gotta’ go for it.”

• “Ask for help. When you ask for help, you are inviting someone to be a part of your story.”

• “Be fierce. Keep pushing. Sometimes you have to be your own cheerleader.”

• “When you feel good about yourself, you are invincible.”

Q>  Tell us about impact of some of the speakers at the UN Summit like #ChooseWomen architect Wendy Diamond, philanthropist and restaurateur Hakki Akdeniz, and Influencer Hannah Stocking?

Ssong>  Wendy Diamond, CEO & Founder, Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization, was a powerful source of energy. I was blown away by her personality and her ability to be completely comfortable in her own skin. It felt to me nothing was going to stand in the way of what she was set on doing. Hakki Akdeniz, philanthropist and restaurateur, shared a deeply personal story about the most important woman in his life – his mother. It was hard to keep it together and not burst into tears not only because of the content of the story but because of his willingness to put himself out there and be vulnerable. Hannah Stocking, Influencer/YouTube star, was a delight because like Wendy Diamond she was so confident in being herself. She shared her expert opinion on how important it is to be true and authentic especially as an Influencer.

Q>  How did you get involved with the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization?

Ssong>  I was on a trip to London for a Science Summit when I received an email from my EP at Station Film with the brief and the script. As soon as I read it I knew I wanted to be involved. I loved the concept and the message, but also had been searching for ways to utilize my experience as a director for social impact films.

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