Chevrolet, Buick and GMC Certified Pre-Owned spins entertaining yarns in Story Time campaign, from Station’s Lena Beug and MRM/McCann Detroit.

What makes Chevrolet, Buick and GMC Certified Pre-Owned cars better than used? Well, it’s a long story – and one that’s entertainingly told by Station Film’s Lena Beug in a new online campaign. Created by Detroit agency MRM/McCann DetroitCertified Story Time is a series of four vignettes recounted by a genial narrator.

A quirky cast and camp visuals add to the comedic value of the spots, which explain why the cars and program are in a league of their own. Super Fresh Granny, explaining the Roadside Assistance program, is the best of the bunch, which also includes Hidden Camera Hunt (about the Warranty plan); Change of Heart (the Exchange Policy) and The Commuters (the Vehicle Inspection program).

See the Shots article HERE.

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GM Certified Pre-Owned "Super Fresh Granny"
GM Certified Pre-Owned "The Commuters"
GM Certified Pre-Owned "Hidden Camera Hunt"
GM Certified Pre-Owned "Change of Heart"