Station Film is thrilled to announce the addition of Lena Beug to our roster. Welcome aboard, Lena!

A recent Beug-helmed campaign for Manwich via DDB West was praised by industry tastemakers for its casting, grounded performances, and nod to indelible ‘80s style, while an earlier promo for MTV, Chunky Pam’s “Merry XXXLmas,” was voted funniest video of the year by Rolling Stone for its hilarious portrayal of a chubby female rapper.

A native of Ireland, Beug got her start after moving to New York City and landing an internship at MTV. She was quickly hired on full-time and became an art director, and later a director, for MTV’s On-Air Design department where she helmed the MTV “Intro Guy” campaign featuring the lovable but rhythmically inept Intro Guy. It won multiple awards, including Gold, Silver, and Bronze at The One Show. Her early work gained her inclusion into SHOOT’s 2006 New Directors Showcase.

Stephen Orent, managing partner of Station, described Beug as “smart and funny, with a strong sense of where she wants to be creatively. I gravitated to the simplicity of her approach to comedy and understated performances, always with wonderfully crafted compositions.”

Beug said after talking with a few production companies, she “immediately gravitated” toward Station, Orent and company partner/EP Caroline Gibney. Beug cited Station’s positive attitude about the changing nature of the business as well as positive reinforcement she received about the company “from numerous people whom I like and respect.”

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