The Chemical Brothers and dom&nic entice music-lovers to spiral down the rabbit hole in trippy ad for London’s O2 Arena.

It’s the age-old hippie debate: Do we follow the rabbit down the hole?

In an energetic new ad from agency VCCP and director duo dom&nic, London’s O2 arena entices hipsters to get out of their flats, as the Brits say, and take that trip. As The Chemical Brothers’ “EML Ritual” thumps incessantly in the background, our heroes follow not one, but multiple blue rabbits down the hole … wherever it may lead.

The 2:20 spot builds on O2’s larger #FollowtheRabbit campaign, which introduced the sole blue rabbit last year. The character wasn’t quite as cute as Alice’s White Rabbit or as creepy as Donnie Darko’s Frank the Rabbit, but as we can see from the new ad, one little bunny has since multiplied. Now, the growing rabbit family works to guide London’s youth away from their screens to experience live music.

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