AI beings take over a factory for The Chemical Brothers’ latest single, directed by longtime collaborators dom&nic.

Factory robots revolt against their programming and hit the dance floor in the Chemical Brothers’ vivid “Free Yourself” video. Directors dom&nic follow a security guard driving to his mundane job at AI staffing company Robo Force, where protestors line the streets with signs like “JOBS, NOT BOTS.” After he slips away to work, the AI creations slip out of their wooden crates and flail wildly to the electronic group’s pulsating dance cut. The visual concludes with the grooving robots, by now filling the entire warehouse, encircling the bewildered protagonist. The film marks the 9th collaboration between dom&nic and The Chemical Brothers in their 22-year-long creative partnership.

“The Chemical Brothers’ music allows people to get out of their box at a gig or listening to the record – it’s a moment of frenzied abandonment to the music. We wanted to capture that feeling in the idea of an oppressed robot workforce suddenly abandoning themselves to music and fun,” Dom&Nic said in a statement. “It’s robots having fun, robots being silly and robots raving!”

“It’s a black comedy and an observation or conversation about the possible future relationship between robots, artificial intelligence and humans,” they continued. “Maybe we don’t have anything to be scared of, why do we think the worst about AI and humanity?”

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