Director Brendan Gibbons recounts the creative and personal wisdoms he gained in 2018, including a thing or two about yoga and Erewhon.

Brendan’s piece for The LA Egotist is included below. Check out his directorial work HERE.

I learned that there is no statute of limitations on a Canadian pharmacy’s call center list.

That there is no better cold medicine than oregano oil.

That the only way to stop people from telling you, “You should do yoga,” is to tell them you do yoga.

That cynicism is easy and boring.

Living part-time in the desert and having a grass lawn is a recipe for heart break.

A flea bite is no big deal. 90 flea bites is.

Shuffleboard is better than ping pong. Cornhole is better than shuffleboard.

“No jumping” does not mean the same thing to dogs as it does to humans.

Everybody’s doing their best.

The backpack dance is not possible past 40.

Apple cider vinegar does almost everything.

The most inspiring thing you can say to crew members is, ‘Thank you.’

If you need an idea, sit in hot water.

If you’re gonna eat dessert, put salt on it.

The process has to be the reward.

Have a polaroid camera with film at the house.

Vapor makes you cough just as much as smoke.

If you have more than one bathroom, have more than one plunger.

Comparison is the death of joy.

Don’t listen to talk radio on the way to set. Jazz is better.’

Erewhon is the greatest concentration of beautiful humans on the planet.

It’s impossible to correctly spell Erewhon in a text telling someone that you’re at or on your way to Erewhon.

Nailing artificial grass into the dirt is not “installing” artificial grass.

Don’t talk politics on set.

Making your parents proud is actually a pretty good purpose.

Have a code. Bust your ass to live by it.

No one wants to hear you complain.

It’s never, ever, just an ad.