Avocados From Mexico’s jingle keeps popping up unexpectedly in comic campaign from director Brendan Gibbons and LERMA/.

Advertising jingles can certainly get stuck in your head—as memorably illustrated in the new Avocados From Mexico campaign from agency Lerma/.

A pair of spots directed by Station Film’s Brendan Gibbons feature everyday scenarios that suddenly get weird when someone sings the Avocados jingle out of context—and then gets called out for it. But all ends well—as the message that avocados make any situation better puts everyone at ease.

Pedro Lerma, CEO of Lerma/, said the approach came from the insight that the Avocados From Mexico jingle has become embedded in culture—which he’s even experienced firsthand.

“I frequently have friends tell me their kids sing the Avocados From Mexico jingle constantly,” he said. “So when we leaned into using the melody to deliver less-than-great news, it became the perfect platform to ‘Make Everything Better!’ It’s a really fun campaign I believe we’ll be able to run with for a long time.”

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