Versatile directorial duo dom&nic featured in SHOOT’s most recent Director’s Profile series.

While audiences on both sides of the Atlantic have for many years and counting been drawn to the work of the directorial duo of Dom&Nic—repped by Station Film in the U.S. and Outsider in Europe—perhaps what’s most remarkable is the varied nature of their storytelling, with content ranging from serious to sentimental, poignant to comic.

As for how they’ve managed to become wide-ranging generalists in a directorial world marked by specialists who are often subject to being pigeonholed, Hawley simply explained, “We enjoy not repeating ourselves.”

Goffey noted that even when they get a run of scripts calling for heavy VFX work, it’s their take on the story that helps to differentiate each job. “We try to go into a meeting with agency creatives, giving them something extra. It all comes down to us getting an interesting script and offering something that can make it unique.”

Hawley conjectured that the duo’s roots in music videos may have contributed to being able to attract a healthy range of work. “We had the opportunity to kind of write our own scripts and a pattern emerged before we got into commercials,” he said. “We’d do a Chemical Brothers video that was quite dark. So we’d look for something humorous for the next video. We would do new stuff each time so early on people saw a collection of dramatically different work in style and tone.”

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