BBDO Dublin and Lena Beug create an amusing spot for the Irish Road Safety Authority that plays on young drivers’ reluctance to insist passengers buckle up.

In Ireland 42 per cent of rear seat passengers killed in the last decade were not wearing a seat belt.

Much of the responsibility lies with the driver but research shows that male drivers aged 17-24 seem to fear ‘social death’ more than actual death. They’re afraid that if they ask someone to belt up they’ll be ridiculed. This work challenges that fear head-on.

Airing across Irish TV, VOD, social, press and OOH the droll spot was directed by Lena Beug and features a driver imagining the various ways in which he’s going to look daft if he asks his chums to use their seat belts.

All of his fears – intimidation, emasculation, judgement, exclusion – are depicted in various droll ways until finally the potential actual physical consequences of not wearing a seatbelt are shown, as his friend is thrust forward, as though in a lethal head-first crash.

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