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Don’t Let Applegate’s Dodgy Cow Man Distract You With His Pecs. Ads from Taxi N.Y. Challenge Consumers to Consider What Gets Healthy Tag.

Would you buy mystery meat from a musclebound deli man dressed as a cow? In the latest spot from Applegate via Taxi New York and directed by Brendan Gibbons, supermarket shoppers have to decide if they will buy what a buff man barely covered by a bovine outfit is selling. Last we saw this guy, he was displaying his “Mooscles” to a mom concerned about feeding her kids food pumped up with hormones.

In this new spot, “Ambiguous Language,” a shopper asks if the deli meat is all-natural, and cow guy responds, “It’s natural-tasting.” After some word play, the deli man skillfully flexes his pecs to distract the shopper from her original question. To another shopper, he offers samples of his questionably healthy wares, insisting that they’re a-ok because there’s a green leaf “on my package,” literally.

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