Paul has worked with brands including Coca-Cola, Bud Light, Febreze, Fanta, BCBS, Hyundai, Pepsi, A&W and many more.

Station Film welcomes award-winning director Paul Iannacchino to the company for commercial representation. A versatile storyteller, Paul is renowned for directing high-profile experientials such as Coca-Cola’s multi award-winning classic viral activation – ‘Happiness Machine,’ Bud Light’s ‘Friendship Test’ with Post Malone, and Benjamin Moore’s ‘Green Monster’ featuring Boston legend Lenny Clark as the voice of Fenway’s infamous high left field wall.

Whether experientials or his sports-themed hidden camera spot for New York Lottery, a docu style spot advocating pandemic era nurses for Chamberlain University, or several years of SoCal Honda’s Helpful campaign via Secret Weapon, two consistent threads tie all his work together… realism and heart.

“Paul can shape and deliver great stories, is brilliant working with talent for authentic performances whatever the genre, and is a collaborative partner for clients and creatives,” said Stephen Orent, founding partner, Station Film. “He also enjoys utilising the latest tools in tech. He’s already so accomplished, we look forward to turning him loose on exciting new opportunities.”

“Being at Station is about the people. Period,” Paul said. “At this point in my career, it’s all about being around people who are the best at what they do. Station also felt like the perfect shop to help bridge the gap from my current body of work to a place that is not defined by any one genre. I’m a massive sports fan with three kids who play sports, and I coach youth sports. Some of the work I’d love to be in the mix for now is sports centric content, which is where I began my career in advertising.”

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