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Station Film was selected as one of AdAge’s 2019 A-List ‘Production Company Standouts.’

In their release, AdAge says: “Dom&Nic continued the delightful adventures of Doris and Edward Bair in their third holiday outing for Heathrow Airport. The elderly Teddys settled in the Florida Keys, but the perfect climate leaves much to be desired when Christmas comes around. Brendan Gibbons’ six-year-run as the go-to guy for Progressive’s commercials starring Flo continued, including a spot that sees the sassy spokesperson stranded on a desert island, “Castaway”-style. Seyi Peter-Thomas was behind the shocking, eye-opening PSAs for Youth Ambassadors featuring “Sesame Street”-inspired instructionals showing kids what to do if one of their parents overdoses or if they hear gunshots nearby.”

Read the full release HERE.


dom&nic | Heathrow "Making It Home Makes It Christmas"
Brendan Gibbons | Progressive "Deserted"
Seyi Peter-Thomas | Youth Ambassadors "Duck, Dodge & Roll"