Hollywood A-lister Jon Hamm guest stars as Flo’s smitten would-be suitor in new work from Progressive and Arnold Worldwide.

Years ago in his struggling actor days—long before Mad Men and Top Gun: Maverick—Jon Hamm went on a blind date with Flo from Progressive, and sparks flew. For him, anyway.

To be clear, this is the opposite of a meet-cute—it’s more a painfully awkward reunion that plays out in front of Flo’s motley band of coworkers. But it couldn’t be more on-brand for a commercial spokeswoman who lives and breathes her job to the exclusion of all else, even the ardent attention of a now-globally famous Hollywood superstar.

After the teaser trailer, Progressive plans to roll out several more spots in the coming weeks, including “Old Flame” and “Table for Two,” that promise additional self-deprecating moments for Hamm and oblivious shilling from the retro-bobbed customer service agent. Hapless colleague Jamie even tries to steal a few scenes.

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Old Flame
Table For Two
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